Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Department goal is to develop a good working relationship between our organization and our suppliers. To ensure that vendors are paid in a timely, accurate manner. The following is a brief outline of procedures to make that happen.

Invoices are paid within 30 days after receipt. Each department is responsible for purchase of materials, equipment and services required by the Town.

Each department is authorized to purchase with the Town Administrator's approval as needed. Commitments made by persons other than authorized purchasing employees are not valid.

New vendors will be provided with a New Vendor Packet that must be completed, signed and returned to accounts payable prior to receiving first payment.

A list of vendor payouts is published every month, in the Delta County Independent.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor with the Town, please read and return a completed Vendor Application to the Finance Department.

Vendor Responsibilities
  • To ensure a completed application is on file with Accounts Payable.
  • To notify Accounts Payable of any name or address changes.
  • To notify the Purchasing Agent of any changes in product or services offered.
  • To read all detailed specifications and bid documents, and to comply with all instructions and required conditions.
  • To contact the Purchasing Agent to request an explanation if a request is not fully understood.
  • To quote firm contract prices only. The bid price must be for complete installation or delivery, ready for owner's use and must include all applicable freight and installation charges, except where otherwise indicated.
  • To provide a reasonable and competitive price.
  • To provide, upon request, a schedule for delivery of items or services.
  • To process all orders promptly and accurately.