Trustee Doug Keller

Trustee Doug Keller                                                               970-835-3000                                                                     

Trustee Keller was elected to a four-year term in April 2018.  In the past, he has served on the Water Committee and the Drought Committee.  Trustee Keller now serves on the Road Committee and on the Planning Commission.

Mr. Keller, a native of Montana, moved to Colorado in 1984.  He attended the University of Montana receiving a BA in Humanities and a BS in Accounting.  He served for three years as Director of Student Financial Aid at a small college in Montana and two years working in finance, also working at a local CPA office.  From 1985 to 1989, Mr. Keller worked first as a staff auditor and then a manager for a certified public accounting firm who contracted with the then Department of Social Services (DSS) for the State of Colorado. The firm audited approximately 200 long-term care facilities each year. Audited findings were reported directly to DSS which were used to establish the Medicaid rates paid to long-term care facilities.  He was called upon to be an expert witness testifying in cases involving Medicaid rates.  In 1989 he went into business for himself as a consultant to the provider community, assisting long term care facilities in all aspects of financial operations from establishing accounting systems and systems of internal control to year-end financial statements. He was hired as a consultant by Colorado Health Care Association (CHCA) who represented approximately ninety percent of the long-term care facilities in Colorado and testified on their behalf before the Colorado Joint Budget Committee.  His twenty plus years in long-term care has made him an advocate for the elderly.  "In 1996, I moved my business to Austin and have lived here ever since."

Doug Keller